When the time is right

When the time is right

You‘ll slough off your old skin like a snake

And shine in new beauty

You‘ll be more vulnerable and sensitive

And explore the world with newly awakened senses

You’ll see once well-known with new eyes

And recognize the true luxuries of life.

This will be a travel for soul!

When the time is right

A tent in the mountains will be your five star suite

A flower chain braided of children will  be your diamond necklace

A hand-woven cotton cloth will be your designer dress

A swallow mountain spring water will be like champagne

A elephant ride will be like a ride in a luxury limousine

Don‘t wait, start the travel for soul!

When the time is right

You‘ll have adventures and dreams will coming true

You‘ll share your bread with strangers and dance with them around the fire

You‘ll welcomed and become a friend

You‘ll no longer live in yesterday or tomorrow, but enjoy the moment

You’ll realize that all these things can be bought with no money in the world

But with the boundless currency – a smile of your heart

And you’ll enjoy it, the travel for soul!


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